Aqua21 system offers safe, cost-effective alternative to ageing systems

Water treatment technology innovator Aqua21 plans to use its award-winning technology to guarantee clean water for social housing.

Drinking water supply is regulated throughout Britain and Europe. But in some areas water supply networks, built decades ago, can no longer cope with the demand for clean, safe water. Until recently the only answer was massive investment and major water network overhaul, paid for in large part by the taxpayer.

But there is another way. The Aqua21 ozonation system can provide a medium-term solution while expensive water network renewals are phased in — and may even prove to be a reliable long-term alternative. Using the company’s cheap, easily deployable water cleaning technology, ozonation — a powerful, safe and reliable form of water disinfection — can be brought to water at the point of use. Aqua21 technology, fitted to a tap, sink or water pipe, can neutralise pathogens and detect and remove impurities at the point where the water is used.

Allied to measurement technology, this system will assess the level of impurities or contaminants in the water, and remove them — whether they are metals, bacteria or any other unwanted material — making the water safe for drinking, washing or cleaning.

With Aqua21 there is now a choice: a capital burden of many millions of pounds for ripping up and replacing the existing water network — or an investment of thousands of pounds to guarantee safe water supply. The Aqua21 solution is now being assessed by a number of governments, councils and water supply companies in towns and cities across Europe.

Social housing is one of a number of initial applications for the Aqua21 system. The company is also targeting agriculture and industrial contaminants.

Trevor Costello, co-founder, Aqua 21, says: “Once we had developed this technology we knew this approach to water safety could be valuable in the existing built environment. There are many applications but the ones we have highlighted are those for which Aqua21 has the edge: offering cheaper, safer and more reliable water treatment than any other company.”