Why we do it

Water safety is a global problem. Aqua21 has a global answer: a 21st century solution that can be applied anywhere. It’s scientifically proven, affordable and based on reliable low-cost technology. And it could help to bring safe water to billions of people.

Who needs water?

Everyone needs water. And just about everything. Businesses and services can’t run without it. Every community and every business is dependent on it. Access to clean, safe water is the cornerstone of a healthy population and a healthy economy.

And yet more than one-and-a-half billion people lack this basic resource. Even where people have access to water, the systems that deliver it are ageing and unreliable. Expensive to maintain, expensive to replace and expensive to build, water delivery systems are as much part of the problem as they are part of the solution.

So why don’t we think differently? Technologies now exist that can offer us alternatives, so why don’t we use them? Why don’t we change the way we treat and deliver water?

  • First and foremost, water delivery must be guaranteed safe for use where it is used
  • If this can be guaranteed, new methods of cleaning and supplying can be put in place
  • As a back-up, systems should be available that can monitor and assess water and offer that assurance — automatically
  • These new methods will allow much more efficient approaches to water delivery but the new systems need to be carefully planned and networked — to be able to ‘talk’ to each other and respond to changes in water treatment requirements before the supply reaches the customer.

Major opportunity

It’s a major opportunity. In fact it’s a necessity. The old way of doing things — treating water in vast quantities in purpose-built structures before it is delivered to the public — wastes time, money and even water itself.

And does the same water need to be drinkable for factory or power station use? It does not. So why do we often make all water drinkable when 95 per cent of it will never be consumed by humans?


Waste not

Why are power, money, cleaning equipment and even water itself being wasted in the name of water supply? And why are we even considering bringing these outdated, expensive and wasteful methods to countries where safe water supply is needed? When everyone, everywhere asks for 200 cubic metres of clean water every year, how, realistically, can it happen?

If a technology existed that could treat water at the point where it’s used — and treat it differently depending on how it’s used — we could have a better system. It would deliver clean drinking water to more people, but wouldn’t waste money.

It does exist. It’s a technology that can ensure that water can be made as safe, clean and reliable as needed at the point where it’s needed.


Fit for purpose

This isn’t just about offering a sort of a la carte water service. Consumers, taxpayers, governments and industry will enjoy the financial benefits of water that is right for the use to which it is being put. The environment will enjoy the benefits of lower chemical use and carbon footprint, less building work and less waste.

Aqua21 technology can do this: it can deliver the water treatment that is needed when it is needed. It can use modern networking techniques to allow various points in a water supply system to communicate. And it can do all of this at low costs — for equipment, setup and operation. Aqua21 technology can eliminate waste and still ensure safe water supply.

Some key advantages

This is a completely new approach to water safety and cleaning. But it can offer some extraordinary advantages. For example:


The right quality of water at the right time: no overspending, but no short cuts or risk.


Setting up and running an Aqua 21 system costs less than similar approaches to water cleaning.


Fast, accurate water quality measurement, all the time, any time.


Technology that checks, checks and checks again to guarantee you have the water you need at the quality you specify


This is water treatment that ‘talks’. A group of users is networked. The system responds to news that water on its way to a certain point may need extra treatment and reacts accordingly.


Start small, get bigger. Start smart, get smarter. Our systems can be improved or enlarged as your needs change.

Current water treatment methods are hugely wasteful of water, power, money, and conditioning. What will happen when the developing world too asks for 200 cubic metres of clean water for every person every year?

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