How we manage it

Aqua21 views water provision as a service rather than a commodity. Our point-of-use technologies recognise that demand is much more diverse than just for large quantities of water. Quality of water is incredibly important too. The needs of a large farm, for example, are very different from those of the pharmaceutical industry, where all impurities need to be removed.

The right treatment

But before the water reaches these users it must be treated — and treated appropriately. That’s because each user group needs a different level of water treatment: from water for cleaning floors, to drinking water, to actively biocidal and disinfecting cleaning water for hospitals.

And our system guarantees that. Water comes from one source to many users and yet is treated to the required quality of each user.

Water treatment that ‘talks’

How do we do this? Simply put, by making the water ‘talk’. Or, in more technical terms, we employ smart networks to ensure real-time water analysis and targeted conditioning.

These are radio networks, with sensors at the source and at the various user points — sensors that communicate with each other. The system ‘sees’ what each user needs, the contamination levels that need to be addressed, and the distance, time and cost involved. It then automatically responds.

The Internet of water

Take, for example, our system supplying a village, farmhouses, schools and a hospital. The system knows what each user in the supply network needs.

It can then ensure that each treatment point supplies the water quality its user needs when it needs it. And it constantly checks the water available and adjusts the treatment necessary to bring the water up to the standard required. It’s a sort of Internet of water.

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