What we do

Aqua21 built and designed this technology. Our aim? To deliver clean, safe, low-cost water — where that water is going to be used.

This is a low-power, low-carbon approach. And it requires no chemicals. It’s also scalable: you can start with treatments for modest use and ramp them up as the need arises. And that means anywhere. Aqua21 systems can be deployed in urban, rural or remote locations. And they can be deployed easily.

Clean water for everyone. Everywhere. But how?

It’s called ozone disinfection or ozonation. Ozonation involves using ozone — a naturally occurring gas with greater disinfection effectiveness than chemicals — to clean water.  It’s widely understood and accepted as effective and reliable. And when you can measure the levels of ozone in water once it is ready for use, you can ensure, safety, disinfection, decontamination and biocidal strength. And that’s what our equipment does.

Our systems are based on targeted ozonation. That means Aqua21 can deliver ozone where it is most needed, at the levels needed. All of this can be delivered at low cost — not just for the equipment and installation but for the day-to-day running of the system. This is important. Making ozonation work is one thing. Making it work cost-efficiently is another. Aqua21 has delivered both.

This is a technology that can deliver clean, safe water to anyone anywhere, cheaply and efficiently, on a small scale or a vast scale. A leading industry expert has said that our technology could bring “a paradigm shift” to the water industry. He’s almost right.

In fact Aqua21 is making this breakthrough right now.

What Aqua21 is all about

Aqua21 is making this breakthrough right now.

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