Transforming and improving water safety — affordably and reliably

Aqua21 has arrived. Its aim — to ensure water is clean, safe and affordable everywhere – is simply summed up by its mission promise: water for the 21st century.

This new company was formed by two scientists and City investor Brian Craig, and is the result of extensive lab and field research into making ozonation — a powerful and safe form of water disinfection — affordable and reliable.

The ozonation concept — running a charge of electricity through oxygen molecules, making them able to perform a process that, in water, removes harmful bacteria — is well established. It has also been expensive and difficult to deliver in a targeted way – until now.

The founders of Aqua21 have transformed a technology requiring unwieldy, power-hungry and expensive machinery into one using a small, highly reliable unit costing one tenth of the price of its predecessor. The technology has gained grants, awards and support from the scientific community. Now it is time to enter a new phase. Aqua21 will commercialise ozonation for the first time.

The founding of the new company will allow Aqua21 to seek further investment and funding partnerships. And there will be many. Clean water with the biocidal properties that ozonation possesses will both disinfect and purify, offering opportunities in water supply for drinking, cleaning and surgical purposes, to name only a few.

The next stage is to further reduce the size and enhance the efficiency of each unit. Measurement technology will then be applied to support the ozonation process. With a more cost-effective and reliable solution will come more and wider commercial applications.

Trevor Costello, co-founder, Aqua 21, says: “The formation of Aqua21 is a cause for celebration. We have proved our concept and can now take the first steps towards commercialisation. But this is just the beginning. Our aim is to transform and improve the way water safety is carried out — affordably and reliably.”