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Blog: Why are cities running out of water?

The City of Cape Town anticipates that its supply of municipal water will run out around March 2018, Mayor Patricia de Lille said last week. “If consumption is not reduced to the required levels of 500 million litres of collective use per day, we are looking at about...

Blog: “Surely we can do better…”

The cost of water usually appears on your bill. But it’s not the whole story. You’re also paying, directly and indirectly, for continuing repairs to outdated infrastructure. For investment in future infrastructure. For emergency work when a main bursts. And for the...

Blog: The bug of interest

Let’s talk about industrialised agriculture. It’s a user of water on a vast scale, as we know. What may be less well known is that water is applied at different times during a growing cycle and at different levels of cleanliness. That may sound shocking at first until...

Blog: Small enough to think big

A commonly heard statistic is that over a billion people in the world don’t have access to clean, safe water. A less well-known statistic is that almost half the people in the world have routine access to water that is unsafe. Even parts of Europe where ageing water...

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